The Juice #04 Fanzine
The Juice #04 Fanzine

Last year I shared the news about the new issue of the fanzine while in cold and snowy Beijing. This year I am in sunny Lisbon so it only seems appropriate that I contributed with another piece about travelling to the Juice #04 Fanzine.

Discovering or revisiting.. some things do not change but together with the team behind the Juice we always value new takes and perspectives on certain topics and we have the urge to approach stories from angles that let us explore and connect. Read on and have a sneak peek into the contents of the new fanzine.

The Juice #04 Fanzine

The Juice #04 Fanzine

The Juice #04

Cosmonaut Life: A Journey Between Bangkok and Penafiel
Tripping Through Western Slovakia
Nobody Said it was Going to be Easy
Artist Profile: Héctor Ventura
6000 Years of Judgement
Small Letters: A Book with a Life of Its Own
Travelling and Social Media: When to Keep your Phone Away
Wasted Rita: The Art of Not Belonging
Reflections over Relativism
Photo Report: London, The City & The People
The Playlist

Sounds like your jam? Then order your copy today!

It is a 21 x 28 cm magazine, 54 pages, with coloured cover and black and white interior. This issue is yet again completely in English and you can order it directly from Juicy Records and if we are based in London or just like myself happen to visit on the 3rd of December, you can collect your copy at the release party for free and almost hot of the press!

We all like to party when there is a special occasion to celebrate so mark your calendars as Saturday the 3rd of December is the day! The fanzine launch will take place at the Doomed Gallery in Dalston. The pop-up store will run from 3-9pm and the main event will kick off at 6pm bringing together the artists and projects featured in the new issue. Come and enjoy the live music, art and positive vibes. You can find more information on Juicy Record’s Facebook page.

Weronika Czekaj
Photography enthusiast with a great interest in culture and travelling. Curious by nature. When breaking free, not at her desk.

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