Hey you! Thanks for checking out my blog. It always makes me happy to know that someone wants to know more about me and NOT AT HER DESK. 

Photo by Lilika Strezoska

How my journey with blogging started

Initially it was about images and photography, not words. It was fueled by the desire to be away from the office and the intensity of my work and life in London. Somehow I wanted to get a chance to focus on what’s important amidst all the noise and everyday rush. Programmed for hard work I lost my way with joy. Telling visual stories was about alignment with myself and a way to unlock creativity and to find my purpose. 

My trip to Vietnam back in 2013 was an eye-opening experience. That country, its history, beauty and energy made a great impression on me. At that point I knew that I wanted to see more of the world. I couldn’t wait to explore different destinations, meet people with stories to tell and most importantly enjoy new experiences and capture wonderful or thought-provoking moments. 

Wherever you go, go with all your heart!

That first time when I visited Asia was like a prelude to my 6 month solo trip.  I traveled through 10 countries, from Japan all the way down to Indonesia. During that time I even managed to keep a travel diary, although I haven’t covered all of my extensive travels. 

These days, I don’t always blog on a regular basis. If there was an award for the longest backlog of stories, NOT AT HER DESK could definitely be nominated for it! I’ve been to many countries, moved from Poland to the UK in 2005, from London to Barcelona in 2013 and to Berlin in 2016. All of these places have a special place in my heart and certainly shaped me as a person. 

Some of my posts are more practical, written with travelling friends in mind. Other stories are more personal. We all see the world through our own lens and that’s why I welcome your comments and views. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog. 



All the photos published on NOT AT HER DESK were taken by me, unless otherwise mentioned. They are protected by copyright and are all rights reserved. Anyone interested in using them should contact me to discuss the details. Above all, Nikon D3200 is my camera of choice but I am more than happy to try out any other models or brands.


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