The worst blogger in the world reports for duty! It’s been a while.. I know but there has been so many things happening in my life recently that all these different tactics used by my family and friends like teasing, banter, compliments or even demands for more travel writing could not change the fact that my blog was.. let’s be honest… neglected.

With drafts of stories saved away and my laptop practically exploding with amount of photographs I have taken in the last year I am really sad that NOT AT HER DESK was never on the agenda. I could be full of excuses but I will not. At the end of the day it was my choice.

For a long time I have been plotting this “come back”. There has been so many opportunities, hooks, interesting angles to pick it up again. Anyway.. I am here now!

Time Flies

Last year on April the 1st, my amazing 6 month trip was over, I was back in Europe and back in Poznan. The spring and summer months in Poland, from time to time sort of in between Warsaw and Berlin were vital so I could reconnect with important places, faces and spaces.

After a couple of months my determination to find a job opportunity in Berlin paid off and in August with a great help from my dearest friends, I relocated there, making Germany my step-motherland number 3. Yet again, everything was in motion, turning upside down and it was not just a matter of relocation, moving from one place to another. It was about adopting to new circumstances, changes in perspectives and perceptions and getting inspired by it, even if at first it is not all plain sailing.

So what is the plan? Definitely to share with you how cool Berlin is and post some of my older stories from Asia. I am back and I missed writing for pleasure.

Weronika Czekaj
Photography enthusiast with a great interest in culture and travelling. Curious by nature. When breaking free, not at her desk.

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