Sushi with tempura
Sushi with tempura

Foodie Exploring in Togoshi-Ginza

While in Tokyo it was great to catch up with my friend Yasue, who I met in Barcelona earlier this year. She is very passionate about food and her cooking skills have always been praised in our circle of friends. I was very happy she found some time on Saturday to take me to few places to try Japanese specialties.



Yasue’s choice of a neighbourhood was perfect. Togoshi-Ginza is very local but lively and I really wanted to explore an area away from the crowds.

We started with chicken yakitori and I had a chance to taste different varieties of this Japanese classic. I did not realise there are so many! I found out that places selling yakitori tend to specialise only in this one dish. In Japan chicken yakitori is a rather informal snack that people order when having few drinks with friends.

Karaage, a friend chicken was one of those naughty but nice snacks. Very crispy and even more greasy! Yasue mentioned that normally in her household there is always a huge bowl prepared and it vanishes very quickly. I will probably not surprise you that this type of fried chicken is very popular with kids and youngsters.

That Tokyo Experience

I was really looking forward to trying some sushi and that was certainly my highlight. Yasue decided to take me to the restaurant where the fish ordered to prepare all the dishes comes from Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji market.

Sushi with tempura

Sushi with tempura

The choice was incredible and the quality outstanding. The chefs were preparing everything in front of us. Some sushi looked familiar but I only tried one with tuna from the standard pieces I know. The rest was about squid, smoked fish and white fish called engawa – definitely my favourite and few ones with tempura. In comparison to other cities Tokyo’s sushi offering tends to be dominated by white fish. Yasue encouraged me to go for sushi in Kyoto and Osaka to see and taste for myself. I will most certainly listen to her tip.

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  1. Amazing experience for Wero ✌….. and Yasue always knows how make the people feel “home”…. ?????????????
    Yasue we should open a Japanese bar you’ll choose the food I’ll select the music ?

    1. Thank you Antonio! Plugging in and listening to this song right now. Great choice.

  2. ehhh sushi paradise!!! Can´t take my eyes of these photos…~

    1. Thank you Sanda! Yes, it was a great place. I think you would love it!

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