Tea Plantation

When visiting Malaysia, it’s great to spend some time among lush landscapes of Cameron Highlands, a hilly region on the westernmost edge of Pahang state. It was British explorer Sir William Cameron, who was the first one to discover these heights in 1885. Mild climate of that area was perfect to start the tea and strawberry plantations as well as turn it, back then, into the holiday destinations for prosperous Brits. Here are my recommendations for anyone, who is planning to visit the area. 

Cameron Highlands

Hike in the spooky Mossy Forest

Hiking in Cameron Highlands was an incredible experience for me as the area is known for its biodiversity. The multitude of sounds of the jungle combined with walking through foggy, milky air was out of this world. 200,000-year-old Mossy Forest can be a bit spooky but worth persevering. You will find yourself in an environment found nowhere else in Malaysia.

There are fantastic hiking trails extending from Tanah Rata. As some of the markings are not very visible, it’s best to prepare and study the route before hitting the trial. When planning an epic day of hiking it’s also a good idea to check the weather conditions. Heavy rains are fairly common in that area and mudslides can be a real danger. Although potentially not so harmless, sliding down the hill on your ass can leave you covered in dirt and bruises. Most of my friends or people that I’ve met who hiked in Cameron Highlands have some stories to tell. It’s a great adventure though so with the right kind of preparation I really recommend it. The scenic views of the jungle are just priceless. 

Take a trip to BOH Tea Plantation

BOH Tea Plantation

Founded in 1929 during the British colonial era, BOH Tea Plantation is where 70% of all tea in Malaysia is produced. Taking a trip to visit the plantation is fairly easy but not short on amazing vistas of lush green terraces. Together with my friends we took a shuttle bus and later walked through the tea fields.

Reaching the summit of the BOH Visitor Center offers also some great scenery and amazing tea. The building’s modern design is an interesting backdrop when looking it up and when inside it has a floating feeling to it. The center features an educational exhibition and it’s possible to have a look who the teas are processed over there. I’m a tea lover so thumbs up from me!

Tea Plantation

Tea Plantation

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