Takoyaki in Dōtonbori
Takoyaki in Dōtonbori


I knew okonomiyaki from London and the thought of all that cabbage together with a pancake was not appealing to me and I decided to sample and try other dishes or snacks.. until I arrived in Hiroshima and discovered a great place serving this speciality round the corner from my hostel. Sitting in front of that sizzling okonmiyaki magic was one of my foodie highlights.


I love tea so it was a treat to try high quality Japanese tea and especially traditional green tea, which uses matcha, a fine powder tea. I think it even helped me to get rid of my jet lag! Many sushi restaurants also offer matcha powder for you to prepare your own tea. Amazing!

Green Tea Powder

Green Tea Powder


A dough ball with a piece of an octopus inside it, is a fair description of a very famous snack from Osaka. I had to buy when it I got there mainly as every traveller I met was telling me about it. Also every place around Dōtonbori was selling it. Verdict? It is tasty but I prefer when octopus is served in a different way. I am just not the one carrying too much for that dough.

Takoyaki in Dōtonbori

Takoyaki in Dōtonbori

Baked goodies

Japanese rolls, cakes and cookies are really something else! They tend to combine weird flavours and textures that actually work well together.  I even wondered if they can count towards my five-a-day? I had a melon roll, little pastry with sweet potato and also a bun with sweet red bean. Come on! Fruit and veg, right?

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