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10 cool places to eat and drink in Poznań

Spending few months in my hometown was a chance to rediscover this city, reconnect with friends and family and find many great places to eat and drink that were totally new to me. I am certain that whenever back in town I will be revisiting many of them.


Start is one of my favourite local places. It is a perfect choice for lunch or dinner and will please both vegans and meat eaters. I am still dreaming about the taste of their lentil shepherd’s pie and do not even get me started on a selection of cakes. Fantastic flavours, reasonable prices, friendly staff plus this place is located not too far away from the city center. Could it get any better?

Start Restauracja Poznan

Start Restauracja Poznan

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10 years on – Few thoughts on my school reunion

The time just flies

Last weekend I paid Poznań, my hometown, a flying visit. It has been 10 years since I graduated from the secondary school and my friends decided to organise a party to get everyone together and catch up. From the idea’s initial inception it took a year to finalise everything and when a lot of people are involved, it tends to be a bumpy ride due to different opinions about the date, suitable place as well as the food and music options.

I took a back seat when it comes to sorting it all out. Shame on me! It was tricky to help out though as I am not based in the country where the event was being organised. I even got my friend to pay for me promising I settle the debt soon. I showed her the 10 euro note last time we had a Skype call – “I can afford it, you know!”.

Obviously not everyone turned up but when I was looking across the room of a small cafe that was booked especially for us for that evening I was pleased to see that so many people made an effort to be there. A lot of faces were familiar but I did struggle a bit with the names and remembering the paths they decided to pursue years ago. What came as a surprise was the lack of awkwardness to talk to people that I have not seen in such a long time.

Marynka 2004... 10 years later!

Marynka 2004… 10 years later! Photo by Anna Gnyś

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