Marynka 2004... 10 years later! Photo by Anna Gnyś

The Time Just Flies

Last weekend I paid Poznań, my hometown, a flying visit. It has been 10 years since I graduated from the secondary school. My friends decided to organise a party to get everyone together and catch up. From the idea’s initial inception it took a year to finalise everything and when a lot of people are involved, it tends to be a bumpy ride due to different opinions about the date, suitable place as well as the food and music options.

I took a back seat when it comes to sorting it all out. Shame on me! It was tricky to help out though as I am not based in the country where the event was being organised. I even got my friend to pay for me promising I settle the debt soon. I showed her the 10 euro note last time we had a Skype call – “I can afford it, you know!”.

Obviously not everyone turned up. When I was looking around I was pleased to see that many people made an effort to be there though. Although lot of faces were familiar, I did struggle a bit with the names. I also couldn’t properly remember the career paths they decided to pursue years ago. What came as a surprise was the lack of awkwardness to talk to people that I have not seen in such a long time.

Marynka 2004... 10 years later!

Marynka 2004… 10 years later! Photo by Anna Gnyś

Bring On the Banter

There were also the usual suspects, my friends I see on a regular basis. Our Christmas get-together catch ups became a bit of a tradition. We try to visit each other despite being scattered around Europe and the US. We have been through various ups and downs, heard some break up stories (still debatable if my Tesco clubcard one is a winner as a frying pan story from Porto is a worthy contender) and also shared very happy moments. They will always be an important part of my life and I wish we will have a chance to meet up (including the absent ones) soon!

So just to sum up my school reunion: I now know a lot of lawyers, Ryan Gosling look-alike grew a fat belly, many girls are now proud and beautiful mums and my friends do not let me do stupid things… alone.

Weronika Czekaj
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