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    Spectacular Lake Como

    Already back in December I knew that I want to spend Easter holidays in a place, which is warmer and sunnier than Berlin during that time of the year.

    Reminiscing about my Easter travels around Andalusia my heart was set on going back to Spain but the prices of plane tickets increased almost overnight and I had to look for cheaper alternatives. Luckily I found this bargain of a ticket to Bergamo and as soon as I snapped it up I realised that I completely underestimated Northern Italy. It was a perfect Easter holiday destination.



    Since I don’t drive, getting from Bergamo to Lake Como gave me an opportunity to explore Lombardy region by train. It was hassle-free and provided me with great views when I was passing through different small towns. I would really recommend it. Especially a train ride from Lecco to Varenna as it was very picturesque. Continue Reading

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