Parasailing in Nha Trang
Parasailing in Nha Trang

Rest and Recuperation

If you are into laid-back holidays then Nha Trang is a perfect place for you. Beautiful beaches stretching across South Central Coast of Vietnam attract the sun seekers and in the 60s and the 70s were the R&R destination for the American soldiers. These days international resorts, lively bars and fancy restaurants bring into the city the party lovers from all over the world.

When walking along a beachfront promenade it was quite easy to get overwhelmed with souvenir shops and other tourist traps. Strolling around in the evening was far more enjoyable. At that time of the day I could see more locals with families. They were making the most of the warm weather. Most of them were laughing, playing games or chatting. Their animated discussions created a very homely buzz reminding me that I am in Vietnam, not just another soulless holiday resort.

Guys from Nha Trang

Guys from Nha Trang

No Booze Just Cruise

Has someone mentioned the booze cruise? Not for me, thank you… but I will never say no to a boat trip. In case of Nha Trang this kind of excursion was a real treat – so blissful! Once the beach capital of Vietnam was left behind the mountains started looking more and more grand.┬áThe offshore islands and small fishing boats added even more character to this amazing scenery. It was an ideal setting to take pictures, especially with some adventurers parasailing that day. Some serious splashing was also involved. People were enjoying different water sports and quite often trying to hold on to their spot on the banana boat! I also had my fair share of “oh-my-god-water-in-my-nose” as I have done snorkeling for the first time in my life.

Regretfully I have not had a chance to make it to Hon Tre Island, home to the Vinpearl Land, Nha Trang’s famous amusement park. I do not mind missing out on all the attractions offered there but I am suspecting that taking the Vinpearl cable car to get to the island has to be a great experience. Over three thousands meters long and supported by 9 pillars, it is meant to be the longest over-water cable car in the world. Ah… how cool is that!?

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