This journey has started with images not with words. It was fueled by the desire to be away from the office, freezing air conditioning, meetings and teleconferences, mailboxes exploding with emails and flashing red lights reminding of missed calls and voicemail messages. Simply to be away from it and to get a chance to focus on what is important amidst all the noise, chaos and everyday rush.

Firstly, I decided to share my travel photos on Flickr and the blog was meant to be created soon after a trip to Vietnam, back in June 2013. My relocation from London to Barcelona got in the way though. Hands up, I have to say, there were not enough hours in a day.

Doing things I love

Although Vietnam made a great impression on me it would be a lie if I said that it was only that one trip that suddenly changed everything. I have been to many countries, moved from Poland to the UK in 2005 and from London to Barcelona in 2013. I discovered various cities and off the beaten track places but after visiting Asia for the first time I realised that I actually want to travel more and do things I love; explore different destinations, meet people with stories to tell and most importantly have fun and enjoy new experiences.

We all see the world through our own lens so I welcome your comments and views. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog.

I am a photography enthusiast with a great interest in culture and travelling. I am really into art and theater, loyal to BBC6 and the Guardian, love all things active and healthy. Hmm…¬†Curious by nature.

Weronika Czekaj




All the photos were taken by me, unless otherwise mentioned. They are protected by copyright and are all rights reserved. Anyone interested in using them should contact me to discuss the details. Nikon D3200 is my camera of choice but I am more than happy to try out any other models or brands.


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