Phewa Lake
Phewa Lake

Through the Bus Window

My 6-hour bus journey from Kathmandu to Pokhara was interesting, fun and quite terrifying at times. Taking a plane is an alternative worth considering for those who are pressed for time. If you are not suffering from a motion sickness, want to see more of the countryside or simply travel on a tight budget, making your way to the Western Hills by bus is better.

Prithvi Highway that connects two cities has an opinion of the world’s riskiest roads. I was able to see some its dangers through the bus window. Leaving the Kathmandu Valley behind was a huge relief. It meant that all the extreme ascending and descending of the bus was not turning my fellow passengers faces green any longer. By then everyone got used to the steepness of the hills. More likely as they either emptied their stomachs into disposable plastic bags or accepted the fact that it will be a bumpy ride. Just like myself.

Exploring the streets and its curiosities

We were passing by small towns with its lively shops and peaceful temples. Also overtaking other buses with locals travelling on the roof and going through picturesque villages. Very often the roadsides were full of people selling a variety of fruits. Whenever the bus slowed down due to the traffic jam, someone appeared near the window. They were trying to sell us some sort of snacks or refreshments. I was only tempted by Nepali tea. Taking to heart the advice I received in Kathmandu meant that I was staying away from the street food. I only regret I could not take pictures of some of the road signs and posters. The colours, design and typography were incredible.

The Lakeside Gem

By the time I arrived in Pokhara I was fairly tired. The stunning views had an uplifting effect on me though. I dropped off my backpack at the hotel and grabbed my camera to make the most of a scenic Phewa Lake. Sadly on that particular afternoon the view of the Himalayas, Annapurna and Manaslu ranges was obstructed. Even without seeing the peeks I admired these spectacular surroundings. I recommend taking a boat to Tal Barahi Temple located on the lake and enjoy few peaceful moments looking at the kayakers and rafters against the setting sun.

Phewa Lake

Phewa Lake

After a long flight from Barcelona via Doha, a busy day in Kathmandu and the Prithvi Highway experience I decided to end my day with a walk by the lakeside. Posting cards, buying souvenirs and exploring Pokhara’s bars with live music had to wait until I was back from my trek.

Weronika Czekaj
Photography enthusiast with a great interest in culture and travelling. Curious by nature. When breaking free, not at her desk.

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  1. It took you 6 hours to get from those two meeting rooms?!

    1. Well you know me Sarah.. I went via Fix Coffee.

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