Surfing in Barceloneta
Surfing in Barceloneta

Piknic Electronik

I am more of a day person. Even after all this time in Barcelona I am really not used to going out past midnight. I always joke with my friends that I need a power nap if they want me to join them and manage to stay awake. It might not come as a surprise then that when I heard about the Piknic Electronik, Sunday afternoon event with electronic music in wonderful outdoor settings I was sold completely on this idea.

The Piknic Electronik formula came to Barcelona in 2012 all the way from Montreal. It’s now becoming a popular export. Melbourne kicked off its series of electronic gigs in January. Cannes is preparing for the first edition this summer and there also events running in Dubai and Paris. Let’s wait and see what other cities join in. Any bets or guesses?

I think this is a great alternative to traditional Sundays. You can enjoy warm weather and electronic music at the Montjuïc hill. In fact it’s one of my favourite spots in Barcelona. You can really turn your day out into a picnic there. It was fun last year so seriously summer… hurry up, I cannot wait!

Brunch Electronik

While we need to stay tuned for the announcement of Piknic’s lineup of artists and planned activities, it is still possible to buy tickets to catch the last event of the Brunch Electronik, which was successfully launched in Barcelona last year.

Thanks to my friend Antonio and his mad love of music I had a chance to get a ticket to see Bonobo playing at the Poble Espanyol, the new home of Brunch Electronik and often a place where you can attend other gigs. I heard of some very memorable performances by different artists in these cool settings.

Electronik Sundays? Very recommended but hey I can only talk about Barcelona so let me know about your experiences in other cities.

For more information on program, tickets and how to access the locations visit and

Beautiful end to the weekend in Barcelona tonight. #brunchbcn

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