HK Dreamin’

Getting excited about the Chungking Jungle

“You really like sad and weird movies, don’t you?” I heard it from someone, who received a couple of recommendations from me few weeks ago. They were not particularly cheerful or conventional but I have never looked at my taste in films from this perspective and yes of course this can be a way of putting it. I generally struggle to mention my favourites on a spot let alone make sure that I include any shiny happy titles!

Although I often enjoy major Hollywood productions, it is fair to say that a lot of the films that made a great impression on me are not necessarily popular or very well-known. I would certainly add to this list some of early films made by Wong Kar-wai, a Hong Kong director. Happy Together, Chungking ExpressIn the Mood for Love, just to name few of them. I discovered his visually seducing work when I was still at high school and it now comes back to me as I plan a trip to the city that I admired in his films.

I have always been a big fan of Chungking Express. It is a romantic and quite a crazy story set in the concrete jungle of Hong Kong. I watched it for the first time in a small cinema with a handful of people around me. It was ages ago and I still remember its incredible energy, a memorable and quirky main character called Faye plus the fact that California Dreamin’ is the song she plays on a repeat all the time.

It is not The Mamas and The Papas what I am constantly listening to but as it gets closer to my trip the excitement rises. On a good day, just like Faye, I am also doing a little dance. It is more likely to the amusement of my neighbour, who lives across the street. Hey man! I do not care! It is Hong Kong dreamin’!

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